anthropomorphic whimsey : Nemo Gould

Image by art at the dump (Gould set): “Guzzler: engine parts, gas pump, baseball bats, 10 speed bike handlebars, vacuum parts, lamp, extension ladder parts, garden soil aerator, golf caddy cart wheels."

Nemo Gould is a beloved Bay Area kinetic and machine artist; for two decades he's been building static and kinetic machine art using everything from used dentures to old sewing machine motors. Even his life-sized, sinister looking alien robot sculptures -- such as General Debris -- have a touch of humor, and it's difficult not to smile when perusing a portfolio loaded with thinks like Catmonkey and Junkyard Dog. He's well known for Venus Flytrap:

Yet when I met Gould at Maker Faire 2008 and did a live Qik interview, the supreme piece of his ouvre, to me, was his Giant Mechanical Squid -- seen fittingly in this video shot by Scott Beale:

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