soft biology, sharp machinery: Jud Turner

trilotemporalis_diag_1-09.jpgJud Turner’s “TriloTemporalis” (January, 2009)

Seen tor Jud Turner‘s unfortunately non-functional yet gorgeous skeletal “Bio-Cycle” led me to explore more in his galleries, chock full of what he deems blending biological hallucinations with hard steel, and his love of "(...) the physical processes involved in creating my artwork: welding/grinding/machining metal can be very meditative."
warthog.jpgto 1px;” />

Warthog (RecycleHog)” (August, 2008)

It doesn’t matter to me that Turner’s machine art is static; seeing organic forms expressed and honed into machine forms by mechanical means is enough to get my head spinning dreamily into the right direction. I'd imagine tore/detail/214526″>his self-published book Morphogenesis reflects that, too. All of his work is for sale, unless it has been sold — at the bottom of each image set there is a PayPal button, and he accepts checks. The stunning "TriloTemporalis" (top of post) is still available can be had for a wicked song -- $2000.

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